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Brick House

The house, located in bottom of plot, is uninhabited for years and unfortunately has no benefits. However, the long green alley have to go through to reach this town house gives it a unique charm.

The layout of the interior and exterior of the house has been redesigned in its entirety. The light appears, the century-old bricks and solid oak flooring bring warmth to their region of origin: Belgium. Doors, cast iron radiators, or canopy have, themselves, been unearthed in the area. Upstairs, the cupboards are tailor-made from old doors. Outside, the gray paving stones come from a Bordeaux mansion, and the wooden deck of a Biarrot camping. The huge firs have left room for Olives, Jasmine and other climbing. Vintage furniture modestly occupies space. The luxury is light.

Brick House 'Short Film'
Brick House Before

All Renovation
Interior Design


Maylis Aumonier

Julien Fernandez

Bordeaux, FR